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For over a decade, Solutions Recruiting has been helping companies and candidates of all shapes and sizes find the perfect fit when it comes to employment, executive search, recruiting, job placement and overall career services.

A wide range of job seekers and candidates have called on Solutions Consulting for career counseling and help finding employment that was the best fit for their unique talents and experience. Check out some of our candidate’s testimonials below to see how we save you time, effort and aggravation with our expert career counseling and placement services.

Neil Mairs professionalism redefines the definition of customer service and support!  Not only did he help me find a new career (which is thriving) but he was there for me throughout the whole process.  At a turning point in my life and professional pursuits, Neil assisted me in re-evaluating my talents and desires and ultimately found the perfect match.  The “match” was not only great for me, but equally proving to be so for my current employer.  Solutions Recruiting is the perfect company name … that is what Neil Mairs does provides solutions for employers and individuals!  I am and always will be a walking commercial for the services provided by Neil Mairs at Solutions Recruiting, Inc.

Shannon Joy

Neil’s greatest asset is his real world experience.  When Neil gives you advice, it’s not based on theory, but instead from his own experiences working in organizations of all sizes.  Neil has always been available to listen, share ideas, and even listen to one vent. His support of my efforts – whether it was searching for new opportunities or managing my career while employed – has been key to my professional growth.

Scott Ilnicky

Solutions Recruiting didn’t just find me a job – they asked questions and really got to know me in order to match me with a company that shared similar values.  I’ve never been happier with a career choice.

DJ Erksa

Neil is a true professional in the field of recruiting, offering insight to his customers’ needs and interests. He offers extreme value in finding the right job, giving both parties a keen sense of awareness that they have made a good investment. I would highly recommend him to all professionals seeking candidates as well as candidates seeking their next position. It is a pleasure to work with Neil and his candid, straight forward approach.

Karen Morrissey