Solutions Recruiting Career Counseling Program

True Career Fulfillment – It’s In Your Heart and Soul

True career fulfillment and job satisfaction come from doing work that makes you excited to get up in the morning and just “feels right” in your heart and soul. We all want career fulfillment – whether it means completing job tasks we enjoy, greater responsibility at work, nice people to work with in a secure environment, or just more resources for our family.

We may be smart and accomplished business people with lots to offer and untapped potential, however we are limited in pursing true career fulfillment because of time, experience, or knowing the most-up-to-date or modern way of doing things. We may have something specific blocking our path to fulfillment, such as enhancing and activating our network, identifying where our skills would be best utilized, or our ability to handle tough interview questions.

This is where Solutions Recruiting’s Career Counseling Program comes in! We are here to help you unblock and uncover the areas where you are getting stuck so you can find the true career fulfillment you’re searching for.

Solutions Recruiting Customized Career Counseling Program

Our experience indicates there are four basic steps in the job search process:


We use this model to determine where you are in the process and what major opportunities are available to accelerate this process.  In order to assist you in achieving your career goals and help you find the career that’s truly in your heart and soul, Solutions Recruiting uses a combination of methods such as phone consultations and proprietary, exclusive solutions designed to address and overcome specific job satisfaction issues.

The cost of our program is only $125. This fee includes contact and support throughout the process, customized tools to address your specific needs, and a valuable insider’s perspective – the benefit of 14 years combined experience in executive recruiting and hiring manager to Fortune 500 companies.

Contact us to discuss getting started with your own customized Career Counseling Program and find your most fulfilling and rewarding career today. It’s time you started doing something that just feels right for you – in your heart and soul!

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